Parley Labs Nebra Orders - Batch 4 & 5

Unfortunately Parley Labs are having problems with their payment processor and as such are unable or unwilling to pay us for their batch 4 and batch 5 orders as per our agreed order terms. This means that effectively the orders from Parley to Nebra are now cancelled.

If you ordered a Nebra product from Parley Labs, you should have already received correspondence from them about them refunding your batch 4 and 5 orders in full.

However, we appreciate that there are a lot of customers that do not want to have their orders cancelled and lose their place in the queue and we are committed to making sure every customer who has waited for product during the delays and supply shortages we have had does not miss out because of this unfortunate situation. So our intention is to service these orders either directly via Nebra or by working with another partner distributor to fulfil these orders on our behalf.

The exact process for moving these orders over to Nebra is still being confirmed, and we are still waiting for the list of these orders from Parley Labs, which we will need to confirm orders are valid.

We just wanted to keep everyone in the loop about these orders and as soon as we have more information on the process going forward we will post instructions. But until then you can rest assured that you will not have lost your place in the queue and your orders will still be serviced prior to any new orders being taken through our website.

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