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Here's some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Indoor and Outdoor Units?

The biggest difference is the outdoor unit comes in a case which is suitable to be used outside in mixed environments and has a few extra features.

To help you decide we've created this handy guide.

* Whilst it doesn't natively support PoE, you can use active or passive PoE injectors/splitters to achieve the same effect. More info can be found HERE

** You can purchase a power supply separately from our website.

For more Hardware related FAQs please visit the respective Indoor FAQ & Outdoor FAQ pages for more

What frequency do I need for my country?

Not sure what region you require for your Helium Hotspot? Use Nebra Region Tool to find out!

You can also consult the [frequency plan guide on the TTN website to find which frequency plan matches your country, if you have any questions feel free to message.

While TTN is a different LoRa network the same frequency plans apply.

When will the Nebra Hotspot ship?

We're updating shipping times based on when orders are placed, please refer to the sales website for current ETAs.

Does the Nebra Hotspot have Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Yes, both the Indoor & Outdoor Hotspots have Wi-Fi Connectivity with a 2.4Ghz 802.11n Wi-Fi Adaptor included in the units.

Please note: Hotspots will only work on networks with valid characters in it's SSID, or network name. All characters of the network SSID should fall into the following ranges: A-Z 0-9

How quickly will I be up and running?

The setup process takes about 30 minutes for the indoor hotspot and around an hour for the outdoor hotspot.

After initial setup it takes approximately 24-48 hours to download updates & synchronise with the Helium Blockchain and start mining.

What is the Ethernet speed of the units?

Both hotspots have 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connectivity, this is fast enough for the Helium Network and is typically 2x the speed of most Wi-Fi connections and 4x the speed of LTE connections.

How much bandwidth do the units use?

Roughly the hotspots use 30-50GB Per month, overall this roughly is 200-300kBps constantly on the network so should be of little impact to most networks.

The actual usage may be slightly less or more and will be something we up-date over time as we start measuring more units.

Once all hotspots become "light hotspots" this data usage will reduce.

Can I setup my Nebra Hotspot with the Helium App?

Yes, both units have Bluetooth which is used to communicate to the Helium App for initial setup.

Examples of how to set it up can be found in the quick-start guides.

Are you an approved manufacturer of Helium Hotspots?

Yes, we have passed both HIP19 approval with Helium, and have also had our prototype unit's hardware validated. More details can be found on Helium's Engineering Blog.

What is the power consumption of the Hotspot?

You can view the power consumption for the Hotspot's on their respective Overview Pages.

What PoE Injectors can I use with the Outdoor Hotspot?

The PoE injector must provide 48V to devices and an 802.3af compatible injector is recommended.

What is the Hash rate of the Nebra Hotspots?

Due to how HNT works, coins are not mined traditionally where a hash rate affects the amount earned. How it is earned is explained on the Helium Website.

How much HNT will my hotspot earn?

Compared to other cryptocurrencies there isn't a constant amount of HNT earned per day by the units due to the variations on a setup to setup basis.

To get a rough idea, we recommend to have a look at the Helium Explorer at other hotspots in your area.

Can I mine xyz Alternative Cryptocurrency?

No, the Nebra Helium Hotspots only mine HNT.

How do I change HNT to normal currency or vice versa?

We recommend using which allows HNT/USD trades or you can use to exchange HNT into Bitcoin and then from Bitcoin into GBP, EUR or other currencies. However other exchanges are also available.

Are there any fees when setting up my Nebra Hotspot?

When setting up any Helium Hotspot Miner there is a $40 activation fee and a $10 fee when setting the hotspot's location.

As part of your purchase price we cover the $40 activation fee and the first location assert fee of $10 (worth $50 in total).

However every time you move your hotspot to a new location you will need to pay the $10 location assert fee again.

The full list of Helium transaction fees can be found in the Helium documentation.

What is the tariff code for these products?

Tariff codes (also known as HS codes, HTS codes or HTSUS codes) are required by most countries when importing goods into the country. We provide these codes to the courier company at the time of shipping but sometimes it is also useful or necessary to have them on the receiver side also.

We have identified that the tariff code 8517610000 is the best for the Nebra Helium Hotspots.

However if your are not able to find that code in your country's system you can also try 8517620000 or 8517.62.0090 as these are also valid for this product type.

Where can I buy the Nebra Helium Hotspots?

We have a growing list of distributors on our Distributors page.

Which cable should I use between hotspot and antenna ?

The distance that you need to run the Coax will be the main factor in deciding the cable to use, for short runs LMR/HDF 200 will be adequate but for longer runs then LMR/HDF 400 should be used.

Check more about cables and connectors on our antenna connectors guide.

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