Indoor Hotspot FAQs

Indoor Hotspot FAQs

What is the antenna connector on the Hotspot?

The indoor unit has an RP-SMA Female Connector on, and the outdoor unit has an N-Type female connector on.

Can I add 4G connectivity to my Indoor Hotspot?

No, the indoor unit does not have the ability to have a 4G Modem added, you could use a solution like a MiFi or 4G to Ethernet module to achieve the same result.

How much internet data per month does the Hotspot use?

Currently, we are roughly estimating 30-50GB per month.

The actual usage may be slightly less or more and will be something we up-date over time as we start measuring more units.

Once all hotspots become "light hotspots" this data usage will reduce.

What antenna is included with the Hotspot?

A 3dBi Omni-directional antenna is included with the Nebra Indoor Hotspot, specifications can be found on the overview page.

Upgraded antennas can be purchased separately from our website.

Can I use PoE with the Indoor Hotspot?

If you wish to use PoE with the Indoor Hotspot you will require an active PoE splitter that outputs 12V to the unit. Alternatively, you can use passive PoE adapters as long as the power provided to the unit is between 9 and 16 Volts and can provide 15W of power.

How long does it take for my Hotspot to sync with the network?

This can vary depending on your internet connection speed. However, in our testing, it takes approximately 24-48 hours for the initial synchronization to be completed.

How to remount the indoor miner daughter board?

  • Step 1: On 1st gen design (dark grey case with white logo) - remove the screws from the bottom of the case to take off the lid. On second-gen design (gloss black plastic case) - unclip the lid from the base (there are 4 clips, one in each corner).
  • Step 2: Re-insert the daughterboard into the 60 pin header and then reassemble

That's all, you should be good to go.

Here's a short video showing you how to re-mount the daughterboard...

How to fix a loose antenna connector?

This can be rectified by first removing the 4 screws to take the lid off. Then use a pair of needle-nose pliers or an M8 spanner, along with another M8 Spanner on the other side to tighten it up.

Indoor Antenna Fix

How to insert compute module

At the side, it has two little metal clips, pull these out a little bit to release the compute module, you can then put it back in at a 45-degree angle, as far as it will go in, and clip it down into the clips again. most of the "gold fingers" on the compute module should not be visible and the sides should click into place.

How to insert concentrator module

I have an issue but not listed here?

If your issues cannot be resolved with information from this FAQs page or the troubleshooting page then please email and include the following information:

  • Model of unit?

  • Mac address of the unit (Shown as ETH on sticker)?

  • Frequency of the unit (Shown as Freq on sticker)?

  • How are you connecting it to the internet? (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular)?

  • How are you powering the unit? (included adaptor, PoE, third party adaptor)

    If the issue relates to the initial setup of the hotspot, please also include:

  • What make & model of the phone are you using?

  • What version of the Helium App are you using?

  • Do you have any screenshots of any error codes?

Alternatively, you can get in touch using any of the methods listed on our support page and we'll work on resolving your issue.

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