Setting Up the Helium App

Setting up the Helium App

This guide is designed to help you set-up the Helium Application on your phone.

The Helium Application is typically used as your HNT Wallet, along with the ability to setup your Hotspot via it.

Start by downloading the App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store depending on your phone.

When you open the Application you should see the following screen, for these instructions we'll be going through creating a new account.

If you are asked to grant permissions to allow Location access this is required for setup of the Hotspots later on.

Apple Store

Tap on Create an Account. You should then see the following screen explaining that Helium Wallets are protected with a 12 unique word passphrase.

Apple Store

Now click on Generate my 12 words, you should then see a screen then say it is generating the 12 words for your wallet.

Apple Store

After that you should then see the first word for your wallet appear.

As the Helium App says, it is crucial that you write all of the 12 words down in the correct order and store this in a safe location. If you do not you risk not being able to re-gain access to your HNT wallet.

The 12 words can never be recovered if they are lost, and they are the sole key to accessing your wallet, the HNT it contains, and all access to your Hotspot and it’s rewards. Lose the 12 words, lose it all. You’re not able to log into your account without them, nor can you transfer HNT or a Hotspot to a different account without them.

Apple Store

Go through and write each word down in order and then tap on "I have written these down".

You should then see a screen similar to the following asking you to confirm that you've written it down.

Apple Store

Tap on the word that matches the number it is asking for to proceed with setup.

Apple Store

Then you'll be asked to set a PIN Code which secures your wallet.

Apple Store

Type in a 6 Digit pin code and then re-enter it to proceed.

Finally you should see the following screen.

Apple Store

Your wallet is now all setup, for now press not right now for setting up a New Hotspot as we will continue hotspot setup in their respective guides.

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