Outdoor Hotspot Waterproofing Guide

Ensure waterproofing

Before placing your hotspot outside you need to check a few parts to ensure the waterproofing

Step 1: Check the bolts

You should make sure that all bolts are tight. Control all bolts at the top and the bottom manually. The medium-sized bolts should have rubber gaskets on them. The small ones don't have a gasket.

Step 2: Check the antenna connectors

Make sure that all antenna connectors are fully screwed in. They need to sit tight and the gasket should be squished. They should look as follows:

If they look like the following, you should tighten them further:

Loose Antenna Connectors

Step 3: Check the gasket of the bottom cover

You need to make sure that the gasket for the bottom cover is properly seated and not damaged

Step 4: Install the sealing string on the top cover

The seal for the top cover is not inserted when you receive the hotspot. You need to push the sealing string into the top lid and cut it to the correct length needed. The ends should connect at the bottom of the hotspot.

Step 5: Install the Ethernet gland

Make sure that the Ethernet gland is properly sealed with the fitting connector.

Step 6: Tighten the bolts of the casing

After closing the lid of your hotspot you need to make sure that the cover is properly closed. Check all 4 screws and tighten them fully to ensure the waterproofing

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