Sharing Agreements

Sharing agreements is a new feature of the Nebra dashboard. Sharing agreements allow you to share and split rewards between the account holder and another third-party person. This is a great feature for users wanting to place their fleets of hotspots in other locations whilst rewarding those users with a share of the HNT earned. For more information about the dashboard see - Nebra Dashboard

In this guide, we are going to show you how to set up sharing agreements in four easy steps.

  1. Create a contact
  2. Create a sharing agreement
  3. Add a device
  4. Export rewards as CSV

Getting Started

Step 1 - Login to your dashboard here - . On the dashboard home page navigate to Contacts 

If you do not have any contacts already added you can click on + Create Contact

Fill out the information and add your new contact

Step 2 - In the menu click on Sharing Agreements

Click on + Create Sharing Agreements 

Give your sharing agreement a name so you can easily identify it in the dashboard and then click on + Add Shareholder

Click on Select Contact and select your contact to share your agreement with.

In the percentage, box select the amount you wish to share with the contact.

Once finished click Create

Step 3 - Adding your agreement to a device

In the menu navigate to Devices

Select the device and then click on Add n Device to Agreement

Add a start date and select the agreement you wish to sign to this device

Step 4 - Export rewards as CSV

In the menu click on Sharing Agreements

On this page, you should see a button Earnings Overview 

Click on this to download the shared earnings as a CSV file.


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