Nebra OpenFleet Overview

Nebra has expanded its dashboard and hotspot features to work with other brands of Helium hotspots; specifically with RAK Wireless (MNTD), SenseCAP, Finestra, Pisces, and OG will be expanded further over the coming months. The Firmware allows access to the local IP diagnostic dashboard as well as in the future the Nebra dashboard for fleet management. The firmware also allows for OTA updates automatically so your hotspot is always up to date with the latest software and features as they become available.

Part of the process of migrating your hotspot is to download and flash the Firmware to your microSD card that comes with your hotspot. We have created guides for each manufacturer of the hotspot to guide you through the simple process. You can view all the supported fleets here -

Getting Started with OG

Getting Started with Finestra

Getting Started with Controllino

Getting Started with Pisces

Getting Started with RAK/MNTD

Getting Started with SenseCap

Getting Started with COTX

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