Our LTE module in Hotspot V2 will enable you to get rid of external routers and will make the hotspot more flexible in terms of location positioning. For example, if you want to put your Hotspot outdoors, you will have the ability to just plug in a SIM card into Controllino Hotspot and will have internet ready. No more wiring, no more external router connections.

The module will be externally accessible. Currently, the SIM card size is not yet fixed, but as almost all provides ship their SIM card in a 3-in-1 format, this is a non-issue.

Many people also raised the relayed status concern, as many mobile internet providers will not allow true port forwarding. This will be a non-issue as well with Light Hotspot software coming very soon, but if Hotspot V2 will be released earlier than Light Hotspot software by Helium, we will make sure to enable you to add VPN settings through the dashboard, so you can forward your traffic through VPN with enabled port forwarding and get rid of the relayed issue.

Currently, there is no precise information available on connection range, but you can expect similar performance as you get from LTE USB modules for your computer.

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